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Live together with Hermann Lipinski at the Gasometer Oberhausen again

For a laser show, we played three sets on 24th Juli 2010. Ofcause, every set was a bit different. It is a shame we did not see the laser show, because the lasers pumped their photons from the back of us above us.

Second CD: Live @ E-Day 2007

live@e-day2007 cover

Our recorded E-Day concert of the 28th of April 2007 (see below) in Eindhoven/The Netherlands was released January 2008 on [SynGate]
And also online at [www.musiczeit.com] Again 100% live. No backing track used live, no overdoubts later. Straight recording onto two tracks.

First CD: Galactic Sequences

Galactic Sequences

The CD with our 100% live recording from the Bochum/Germany Planetarium has been released now: [www.syngate.net]
(search for EL-KA there)

Or [here] at the online shop
  1. Yetis Dream - 11:37
  2. Galactic Sequences - 18:58
  3. Frozen Water Canyon - 5:10
  4. Master of the Universe - 13:03
  5. Relaxing Under Revolving Stars (Bonus Track) - 5:51
The bonus track (#5) was recorded straight to a stereo track. Just like live playing conditions. It was the final rehearsal.

The CD is available at [Syngate.net] and [Groove.nl]

Concert at the E-Day event in Eindhoven (NL) on the 28th of April 2007

EL-KA @ e-Day 2007
EL-KA just before the first set. Till at the left, HaJo at the right.

We played there on the sub stage between the main acts performances. More details at e-day.groove.nl.

Again 100% live and heavyly improvised Berlin School music.

Schallwende e.V. Nominations 2006

EL-KA 3rd place at the EM-Nominations 2006

Many thanks to all voters that gave their votes to the nomination as best EM-musicians 2006 in Germany. The event took place on the 3rd of February 2007 in Essen/Germany.

See the whole nominations list at www.schallwen.de (German only)

Live Jam @ Gasometer feat. René van der Wouden

EL-KA feat. Rene van der Wouden
© Michael Kathke 2006

On the last saturday of October 2006 we played a two part live jam with René van der Wouden from Gouda/The Netherlands inside the huge old gas stroing tower (300 feets high). We had a good time of improvised playing like TD did in 1976.

EL-KA feat. Rene van der Wouden, top view from about 85 meters
© Michael Kathke 2006

Set 1 29:41   [27,2 MB Download]
Set 2 39:41   [36,4 MB Download]
DIVX video of Set 2 about 40 mins   [150 MB Download]
  (DIVX Software wird benötigt.
  Alternativ Nero 7)

If you like the music, you may print this cover Michael Kathke designed.

Additional Supply ;)

Here are some recordings of our rehearsal for the planetarium concert that took place in April 2006. Again all improvised. Sorry, but the recording quality is not superb at all. But we concentrate more on the live playing.

Cruising the Milkyway 30:21   [34,7 MB Download]
Yetis Traum 9:06   [17,6 MB Download]
Planet Encore 23:42   [27,2 MB Download]

Live 2004

live 2004
on the left Till "Qwave" Kopper, HaJo Liese at the right
The ELKA-Keyboard in the front

The traditional december Schallwende EM-Breakfast in Dusseldorf/Germany was as usual in Dusseldorf/Germany. There Ron Boots and Harold van der Heiijden played as well as HaJo Liese und Till Kopper. This was the founding event of EL-KA. HaJo and Till met many years before, but the met the first time to play together in public a few days before this event. During these rehearsals the name "EL-KA" was born. It origines form the way you would pronounce the first letters of our family names (Liese and Kopper) if you would say them one after the other. In english this play on words does not work at all. And by some strange :-) coincident this is sound and nearly spellt like the italian company ELKA that became famous for their ELKA Rhapsody in the mis seventies. HaJo and Till both own such an ELKA Rhapsodies for some time now.

1977 15:17   [17,2 MB Download]
Kling-Klang 7:43   [8,8 MB Download]

Many thanks to Ron Boots for the recordings !

Le Rêve Numerique

hajo+till at work
left HaJo Liese, Till "Qwave" Kopper right

February 2004 HaJo Liese (born 1957) visited Till Kopper (born 1965) for playing to gether music for the first time. They both agreed on the style of the imrpovised 1977 playing of Tangerine Dream as the starting point. The results of the about 70 minutes recorded straight from the mixing board (no multitracks or post recording edits other then fade ins and outs) can be heard and downloaded here in 5 shortended extracts as mp3 files.

Le Rêve Numerique 22 6:15   [5,7 MB Download]  *
Le Rêve Numerique 23 5:56   [5,4 MB Download]
Le Rêve Numerique 24a 5:43   [5,2 MB Download]  **
Le Rêve Numerique 24b 5:41   [5,2 MB Download]
Le Rêve Numerique 25 5:00   [4,5 MB Download]

* also released on the CD "Syntonic Waves Vol. 9".

** also released on the Schallwende CD "Schallplatte Vol. 6".

To download the mp3 files click the links with the right mouse click or controll click on macs with a single button mouse.

Kontakt: feedbackklammeraffehajo.qwave.de

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